DIY Organic Facial Serum for Dry and Acne Prone Skin

Oil isn't always the enemy.

Are you doing all the right things–eating well, drinking water, exercising, washing your face, moisturizing, sleeping 7-8 hours a night–but still waking up with fresh zits on your face?  We feel you. While using a creamy moisturizer with a coconut oil or shea butter base makes your skin feel like a baby’s bottom, it may be what’s causing your breakouts–especially for us oily-skinned folks. That’s where a facial serum comes in!

Okay, so we know what you’re thinking: shouldn’t I not be putting more oil on my skin? Actually, in this case, these specific oils  fight  all that oil buildup in your pores and help with breakouts! Cool, right?! While there are some really great serums out there, it’s also super easy to make them yourself!  Ula Blocksage has an easy DIY organic facial serum that may change your moisturizing game for good.

All you need is:

Apricot Seed Oil (Organic)
Avocado Oil (Organic)
Jojoba Oil (Organic)
Orange Essential Oil (Organic)
Rose Geranium Essential Oil (Organic)
Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil (Organic)

Preferably stored in a dark colored bottle and dispensed with a dropper.  Give it a try and let us know how it goes!

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DIY Organic Facial Serum | Dry and Acne Prone Skin

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