Emma Watson’s Feminist Book Club Is Everything

A community of fiery, intellectual feminists.

As part of her work with UN Women, Emma Watson launched her feminist book club Our Shared Shelf in early 2016 and we’ve been following her love affair with books ever since. The club has given us a little peek into her literary life, and forged a strong online community of passionate feminists and bookworms.

Here, she talks with Caitlin Moran, the author of How to Be a Woman (a book on the list!) on the importance of culture in our society. Specifically they discuss the depiction of a bisexual character on Doctor Who, and the ways it can positively impact our future.

It’s not too late to join Emma’s book club! Check out Our Shared Shelf on GoodReads. In case you missed it, you need to watch her stealthily hiding books on the London Underground.

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Emma Watson and Caitlin Moran – Our Shared Shelf

If you want see the rest of Emma’s chat with Caitlin Moran, as well as an insightful conversation with Gloria Steinem, check out Our Shared Shelf on YouTube.

Cover image via LifeHack.