Opt Outside! Hiking Clothes & Tips for Layering in the Great Outdoors

Never underestimate the power of layering.

If you think it’s too cold to hike this winter, then think again! We know how difficult it can be to get active when it’s cold outside. We all just want to stay inside with our blanket and Netflix, right? While this may sound like the best option for you, getting outside will feel better in the long run, we promise.

Australian-based vlogger Caro has all the techniques you need to hike in any climate. When it comes to hiking clothes, it’s all about the layers, ladies, and  with the the right pants (not jeans!), sweat-wicking shirt, and lightweight insulated jacket, you’ll be ready to handle the cold and hit the trail! Be sure to have the right boots as well. This is not a time for cute sneakers. Check out our friends at BootBomb for options.

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Hiking Clothes: Layering Tips

For more hiking tips from Caro, check out her YouTube channel, Lotsafreshair!