Don’t Know What Hygge Is? You Should, It’s the New Internet Everything!

Wait, how is that pronounced?

This video may change your life. If you’re into food blogs and interior design, you’ve probably heard about the word ‘Hygge’. Pronounced “hue-gah” it is a Danish word that according to Jenny Mustard, is the English equivalent of cozy. She describes it as the feeling you have when you curl up with a cup of tea and a book by the fire, cook dinner while your favorite acoustic song plays, or even something as simple as having a vase of freshly cut flowers. Whatever cozy is for you, that’s hygge.

This new internet trend not only teaches us a word in a different language (we’re always learning, ya’ll!), but is also an inspiration to make our homes more cozy! There are always ways to add more comfort to your life –  treat yo’ self, ladies!

Try Cambria Joy’s cozy breakfast recipes to make your meals comfy too!

What is Hygge? The New Top Internet Trend

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