Need Inspo? My Go-To Resources for Conquering a Creative Block

These sites will surely get your creative juices flowing.

We’ve all been there, staring at the computer screen or sketch pad, scouring our brains for even the tiniest bit of creativity. In my experience, this tends to happen when I’m up against a deadline or am working with a tight prompt. It is nearly impossible to be creative when under time pressure, even Harvard Business School agrees. Rather than get creative under pressure, I find myself getting resourceful— relying on my favorite sites to supply the inspo I’ve been yearning for.

Disclaimer: When you use sites or examples of other people’s work for inspiration, be mindful to still be original. Copyright infringement is no joke!


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I. Love. This. Site.

Seriously, it has become an addiction for me (but I am beyond ok with that). What sets Designspiration apart from other collage sites is that it only features design-related images. Think of it as a Tumblr solely for design minds. Sounds pretty amazing, right?

Another thing that I love about this website is that it allows you to search images by color, on top of subject matter— which comes in handy when working on your aesthetic (note my millennial pink collection above). I love treating my collections as an idea board, creating a different one for every project or every mood. Images also link to external sites in a Pinterest-esque fashion.

Conclusion: Designspiration is the perfect fusion of Tumblr-binge and professional content.


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I recently stumbled upon this site, and quite honestly, I’m attributing that to fate.

Hosted by Adobe, Bēhance is an online gallery that hosts the best work from across various fields of media. My favorite way to narrow down content here is to browse by the site’s curated galleries. The galleries are broken down in to creative fields like graphic design, photography, illustration, architecture, fashion, and advertising, to name a few. But wait, there’s more— within each creative category, there are sub-categories that sort the content in to focus fields within that industry. Ok—I’m nerding out.  But seriously you guys, if anything, you should applaud Bēhance for its incredible organization.

One thing that sets this website apart is that you can browse images by the creative tools that were used to make it. Sure, at face value this might seem like a shameless plug on Adobe’s part (all tools listed are Adobe Creative Cloud products), but for those people who already own or are thinking about purchasing any of the Adobe CC programs, this is a great resource. Think about it, you get to see how experts in the field are using the same products you use, which allows you to maximize your purchase and use the program to its fullest potential.

Conclusion: Bēhance is Designspiration’s more-accomplished, professional older sibling.


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“Hello darkness, my old friend…”

Pinterest, my first love. I have been pinning for a little over five years, and I feel like I’m cheating on it whenever I visit the previously mentioned sites. The OG gallery/collection/mood board website never fails to provide me with the inspiration that I’m lacking— but it does take a bit longer to get to where I need to be.

Due to the diversity and amount of content Pinterest hosts, it is so easy for me to diverge from the narrow, 11th-hour path that I need to be on. One minute I’ll be looking at page layout designs, and boom, without even realizing it, I’m sorting through pins of DIY costumes for you and your dog. It’s out of my control, I swear.

But seriously— the only reason I don’t choose this site over others is that it is harder for me to “put on my blinders” when I need to be in project mode. This is the first place I turn when I need a quick, fun recipe or a workspace makeover. 10/10 would recommend, but caution advised.

Conclusion: Pinterest is your one-stop shop for anything inspo, but can be a slippery slope of diversion.








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