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Get Motivated with these 8 Spring Cleaning Tips from Our Girl Kayla Kosuga

Pro tip: Get a reusable water bottle.

Spring has sprung! This year, the spring equinox occurred on March 20th, and those of us who live in colder climates rejoiced at the thought of warmth beginning to creep into our daily lives. The warmer season brings beautiful flowers, longer days, and outdoor activities, but also forces us to take a look at the clutter we’ve made throughout the winter. While most humans don’t enjoy the thought of cleaning their entire room/house/apartment, Kayla Kosuga has some easy tips to get your spring cleaning started!

Trust us, a cleaner, more organized environment will help you stay productive. But if procrastination is your best friend, give the Timer Method a shot for a little motivation!

Spring Cleaning Tips | Kayla Kosuga

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