For The Phenomenal Women in Our Lives, The Ultimate Mother’s Day Playlist

Dear Mama, You Are My Dancin' Queen

She’s my best friend…and she will be forever. My mom is my rock. She always picks up the phone. She always knows when I’m having a bad day. She always knows when to give me a hug, or when I need a strong cup of coffee. She always chooses the same, old terrible movies that we can both quote by heart.

She always blasts the most obnoxiously scratchy CDs out of our car radio speakers, and isn’t afraid to sing “Stairway to Heaven” or “Magic Man” at the top of her lungs in the grocery store parking lot. All of my school friends say that she is the coolest mom in the universe, and they’re going to visit her if they get a hangover in college and need moral support. I’m being completely serious; my mom is literally Lorelai Gilmore, but even more obsessed with coffee and pie.

mother's day playlist

Now, although my mom and I have never done anything incredibly special on Mother’s Day, (sorry, trips around the world just ain’t our style), this playlist is gonna attempt to make up for all those missed opportunities. Encompassing all the feelings that any mother-daughter pair have within their own uniquely crazy and beautiful relationship, this mixtape features everything from upbeat anthems like “Dancing Queen” to hauntingly accurate lyric-masterpieces like the new single for 13 Reasons Why , “Only You” by Selena Gomez.

So, whether playing this Mother’s Day Playlist for your own awesome mother, or simply taking the time to remember that special phenomenal woman in your life, just know that this day is all about her, and music is one way to literally blast that motherly love all the way from your car out into the ears of innocent bystanders, (aka. grocery shoppers). Mom, this one’s for you.

Hannah Richardson & the Metiza Community want to thank all of the Mothers in all shapes and forms for being our hope, our rock, our endless source of love and inspiration. xoxo