Does Power Dressing Actually Work? The Meaning Behind ‘Dress For Success’

Channel your inner Princess Di.

In the late 1970s and early 80s, John T. Molloy came up with the idea that in order to become powerful in the workplace, one must “dress for success.” Dressing for success or “power dressing,” as we call it today, is the concept that if you look good, you feel good. It’s all about confidence, baby. Our girl Cristen Conger of StuffMomNeverToldYou is back with BrainStuff – HowStuffWorks  to answer the question, “Does power dressing actually work?”

Of course, we know how Molloy felt on the subject, but we can’t say we agree with him on all points – his “rules” were flat-out sexist! Suggestions like, “don’t look like a secretary and don’t look too sexy.” As Conger puts it, what he’s saying is, women should protect themselves from their own sexual objectification. He also stated that we shouldn’t wear anything that draws attention to our breasts aka vests or contoured jackets. Scarfs were cool though, since they kept eyes above the bust. It’s all about distraction, ladies. Cool. Thanks for the helpful tips, Molloy.

While we’re not going to take Molloy’s advice to heart, Cristen helps us see that wearing formal clothing can make us think differently about what we can accomplish and induce confidence. She uses the late Princess Diana as a prime example of someone who broke the mold, and looked sophisticated AF doing it. Bottom line: Wear what makes you feel powerful and walk confidently. You got this.

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Does ‘Power Dressing’ Actually Work?

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