This Pressed Flower Shadow Box is the New Mother’s Day Bouquet

A whole new way of giving flowers.

Bouquets of flowers are great, but wouldn’t it be great is they lasted longer than 5 days? This year, give your mama something that’s beautiful and will last. Our pressed flower shadow box is a great way to give her the blooms she loves in a fun, homemade kind of way. She can hang it in her office or at home and enjoy real flowers every day! Here’s how to make it!

Pressed Flower Shadow Box

What You’ll Need
Shadow box
Craft Foam
Parchment paper

Flower Directions
1. Gather your mom’s favorite flowers. To press the flowers you’ll need to do the following 4 steps.
2. Arrange flowers between two sheets of parchment paper (try not to let the flowers overlap).
3. Weigh down with heavy book for 20 minutes.
4. Keep the flowers between the sheets of parchment paper and press with a waterless iron on low.
5. Carefully remove flowers once they are thin and feel like paper.

Shadow Box Directions
6. Paint the box your mother’s favorite color, let dry for an hour
7. Cut your craft foam sheet to fit inside box
8. Use double sided tape to secure foam sheet to box
9. Time to arrange your flowers! Carefully pin flowers to the foam sheet. Add a nice card and you’re done!


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