This Musical Production Promposal Raises the Bar Real High on Prom Invites

Apparently flowers and a cute sign don't cut it anymore.

Prom season is upon us! Many decisions come with deciding to attend prom: what you’ll wear, how you’ll do your hair, pre and post-prom festivities, and of course, who you’re going with. In the past few years students have really stepped up their prom proposal aka “promposal” game.

Elaborate scavenger hunts, dance numbers, sticky note bombing cars, the list goes on. While these have all become pretty run-of-the-mill promposals, we can bet you haven’t seen someone put on a musical production. In 2012, a student from Mounds View High School enlisted his musical theatre friends to perform a love-themed musical to ask his date to prom. How awesome is that? We applaud him for his courage!

Now ladies, if your date didn’t ask you out in such an exciting way, it’s still nice to be going with someone! And if you haven’t been asked yet, we encourage you to ask someone out, or better yet, just go with friends! We promise you’ll have just as much fun!

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A Very Musical Promposal