Quick Makeup Clean Up: 3 Ways to Fix Your Makeup Without Redoing Your Face

All hail the multi-tasking nude shadow.

It’s 7:30 am and you’re just finishing up your makeup. You have to be out the door no later then 7:45 when disaster strikes. An unexpected sneeze leaves a strip of waterproof mascara across your face. You can’t go into school looking like an anime villain. What now?

We all have those days. At this point you might be tempted to start the makeup process over again, this time skipping steps and making a mess. Why run the risk of spending the rest of the day feeling like your face is on sideways? No cute selfies will be happening that day. Don’t panic! I have the solution, especially for girls on the go.

Here are three tips for repairing makeup disasters that are easy, pain free, and will ensure you’re only fashionably late.

1. Nude eye shadow is your best friend.

We all love our eyeliner, especially the long lasting ones. I love my black felt pen liner. But let’s be honest, eyeliner has a mind of its own. A shaky hand can make a small mistake that’s surprisingly hard to even out. It’s even worse when you make the line too thick and end up looking like the Grudge.

Before applying more eyeliner, use your eye shadow. Take your fave nude eye shadow and lightly apply over your liner mistake. The shadow will lighten and cover your goof.  Even women who do not usually wear eye shadow can still use this trick. Think of it as an eraser, but make sure that the color is neutral and not sparkly. This trick also works on those occasional small dots of mascara on your eyelids too!

Makeup clean up
2. A Q-Tip to the rescue.

Sometimes our most troubling makeup goofs are tiny: a few black marks under or above the eye, or maybe too much eye shadow or lipstick outside the lines. The hero is the lowly Q-Tip. Keep these little lifesavers in your makeup kit always. Any time I apply mascara, excess falls under my lash line creating ghoulish dark circles underneath. We put makeup on to cover our dark circles not create new ones, right? To attack those circles, wet your Q-Tip with either water or non oily makeup remover and swipe away. The Q-Tip’s superpower is that it wipes away mistakes without taking off your foundation!

3. Concealer, CC Cream, and BB Cream do wonders.

Mascara, eyeliners, lipsticks, and eye shadows are blessings and curses at the same time. That “oh no” moment when you know you’ve gone outside the lines. Whoops. Then you try to wipe it away, and it smears in even more. Catastrophe? No. Keep calm and cover up! Concealer, CC creams, and BB creams will hide away any blemishes and cover a multitude of sins.

I like to use them in that order. Remember that a small amount goes a long way. You also don’t necessarily need all of them. Concealer will lighten the initial mark. The greenness in CC Cream completely masks the discoloration. BB Cream will blend it all together. No time for all three steps? Settle for a dab of CC Cream and a quick polish of BB Cream. Finish with a quick dusting of face powder or set your face with a spray on face mist for a refreshing feeling!

These three tricks will save your morning, making you feel fierce all day!


Clara Doyle is a twenty year old living in Texas. She has a passion for...