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Ann Shoket on Her New Book ‘The Big Life’ & Leading a Badass Babes Revolution

The sky is the limit!

You may recognize her as the former Editor in Chief of Seventeen Magazine, or maybe a guest judge on America’s Next Top Model, but did you know Ann Shoket is leading a Badass Babe Revolution of her own? In her new book The Big Life, available in March, Ann shares insight and advice on how to have it all as a young and upcoming woman destined for greatness. From her heart to Metiza and beyond, check out her wish for you here in an excerpt from her book:

Ann Shoket“I’ve been that girl who looked out of her teenage bedroom dreaming of something more, something bigger. I love goals and strategy, but I’m not a huge planner. I didn’t graduate college with a 10-year plan to become editor-in-chief of a legendary brand. I thought I might write novels. And then I thought I might move to San Francisco and launch a dotcom start up. For a minute I thought I might be a financial journalist—I love asking nosy questions!

It wasn’t until I was several years into my magazine career that I realized how meaningful I would find it to have deep, emotional, important conversations about how you grow into who you’re supposed to be.

It’s my mission to help you recognize your power—and to make the world recognize it too. And if you’re worrying whether those dark nights of the soul, all the hard work and awkward situations and complicated itchy emotions around wanting something so big and so badly, will ever be worth it—I’m here to tell you that it will. After all, this is your life…and it’s going to be big.

Right now, it may be hard to see the direction your story will take. It’s not a narrative yet—it’s a page brimming over with ideas, goals, thoughts and hope. But those early stages of your story are where your Big Life begins. It’s where the meaning starts to make itself known. The stories we tell matter—whether it’s around my dinner table, over coffee with your friends, or just to yourself when you’re trying to make sense of the threads of your life.

Ann Shoket The Big LifeSome women you encounter might be crafting smaller stories that are sweeter and quieter than what you want for yourself. But that dream is big and booming and meaningful to her.

In your heart, yours is a story of epic proportions, and just thinking about where your life might take you fills you with excitement. And that’s what ‘The Big Life’ is all about, knowing there is no limit to the experiences you’ll have, the people you’ll meet, the places you’ll go, and all the amazing moments you’ll have along the way.

We’re all in this together, sisters. I want you to take the reins of your Big Life. Let go of the anxiety about when or how, and focus on honoring your ambition, dreaming bigger and building ‘The Big Life’ you know you deserve.”

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Images via Ann Shoket.