This Shorecrest High School Lip Dub Is EPIC, Try Not To Sing Along

They make singing and walking backwards look easy.

So, we’re not really sure when lip dubs became such a big thing, but we’re not complaining – they’re really entertaining. If you haven’t been keeping up with the craze,  then you NEED to see this Shorecrest High School Lip Dub. This Shoreline, WA high school put a lot of time and effort into this, and clearly has one amazing community! Can we high five the students and staff for pulling this off? Is your high school this fun? With 8 90’s nostalgia-inducing theme songs – costumes included – it’s extremely impressive and a must-watch!

Want more from Shorecrest? Check out their lip dub from 2013!

Shorecrest High School Lip Dub 2017

There are some pretty funny lip dubs out there, too! Check out Bad Lip Reading on YouTube, The Hunger Games one is our favorite!