California Dreamin’, Your Ultimate Spring Break Road Trip Playlist

Jump in the car or chill at home, it's all about the good vibes.

Cowabunga! Okay, nobody says that unless they’re a Ninja Turtle or a cast member in Disney Channel’s Teen Beach Movie, but we’re all here to kick those winter blahs. Ugh, it’s the dead of winter, we’ve forgotten what grass looks like, and the idea of walking to the store without 5 layers of clothing sounds unbearable. How’s a girl to kick the winter blues? Medical professionals all concur that music is one way to boost your mood, so what better way to get into that summer spirit then listening to the best bohemian beats of the decade? Yeah you got it, the Ultimate Spring Break Road Trip Playlist.

You know what we’re talking about; it’s the songs that people lip sync and dance to without worrying about the crowd. It’s the music playing in magic scenes where an adorable girl’s best friend is falling in love with the girl, and the entire audience is getting all sentimental and nostalgic. Yeah those. Featuring 12-string guitars, Caribbean beats, ambient synths, and ethereal vocals come some feel-good tropical hits that’ll transport you. Sit back, relax, and ride those (sound)waves.

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