According to Our Resident Beauty Boss, These Are the 3 Hot Spring Hair Trends for 2017

It's all about movement + mixing up your color.

Spring is here! Time to toss that beanie, let go of the messy bun (ok maybe that’s extreme), but at least think about a ‘do update! Nothing feels better to kick off a season of fresh colors, fun prints and warm weather like an updated look. Here are your Spring Hair Trends for ’17  from our own beauty boss extraordinaire, Becca Stordahl of Robert Leonard Salon, in Seattle.

Hey Metiza Girls! I am seeing the return of more layered and textured hair this Spring. YAY!!! The Lob is still relevant but when you are ready to move out of that, try a modernized shag. It is cut with a lot of movement around the bottom as well as opening up the face. Long hair is also still a go this season, but far less styled for summer.

You can still whip out your curling wand but make sure the curls aren’t too tight or purposeful . Try using a larger iron and keep the ends out while looping just the center of the section. Wind the section of hair away from the face then the next, towards the face, switching each section for inconsistent movement. This creates a fun and unexpected width between the chin and shoulders while the length is straighter and slimmer.

Spring Hair Trends

Spring Hair Trends ’17: Modern Shag meets Rose Gold Glam

YES to pastels for spring!! Think of more muted tones vs. the strong unicorn colors of the Fall and Winter. If you are a blonde, rose gold is a beautiful addition to the blonde. If you are a red head try adding some soft copper or warmer tones. If you are a brunette play down the heavy ombre contrast with toning the light hair to a warm light brown or a deeper rose gold.

There are many ways to change up your hair on a budget, however stay away from lightening the hair at home. It is worth the money to get the balayage or highlighting done in salon then change up the color with some semi-permanent colors or even some colored conditioners. If the hair is light enough you can “stain” it just about any color. This is time consuming in the salon so just spend that time and money on the lightening and have fun with your girlfriends for the rest!

If in fact you have nailed that color that you love and want to maintain it, use a color safe shampoo. A great easy home hair hack is to make a spray bottle mixed one part apple cider vinegar and two parts water and use post shampoo and conditioner in the shower. Apply liberally and rinse out. The acidic nature of the vinegar adds tons of shine and closes down your hair’s cuticle layer trapping that color inside. The best practice you can use is to have a consistent hairdresser and just be honest about what you can spend and she will guide you to what is the best bang for your buck.

Remember that every magazine you read, every commercial you watch is marketing to you. The only problem is, they don’t know you or your hair. Your stylist has your best interest at heart and actually knows what you need to help out your color, dry hair or oily scalp. Put the trust in the relationship and ask for guidance.

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