Change Up Your Look with These 8 Spring Trends for 2017

Sandal season is back, y'all!

Let’s be real, ladies, it can be hard keeping up with new trends every year, let alone every season, but lucky for us, awesome women like Shahd Batal are here to help us keep up to date with what’s on point. She shares 8 of her favorite spring trends that will definitely get you heading out to the mall – or better yet, your local thrift store!

While these items are some of Shahd’s must-have spring trends, they’re great for any time of year.  If Cristen Conger taught us anything, rock your look with confidence and you’ll be golden. If you’re not sure how to navigate your way through Goodwill, peep this advice from thrifting legend, Elizabeth Ramirez!

8 Spring Trends for 2017 | Shahd Batal

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