Keep Your Street Style & Stay Warm by Layering Winter Outfits

Urban Outfitters has nothing on this street style.

Cute, comfortable, and casual are three necessities to keeping warm this winter, and Elli of Clothesnbits has nailed them all in these four layering winter outfits. We may not have the same long coat, shoes, or scarf that she has, but there’s no doubt we have some great options in our closets to work with. While we don’t recommend rushing to the mall to try and perfectly replicate these outfits, if there are some items you really want, make a list of what you think you’ll  get good use out of before spending frivolously!

Better yet, if you’re dying for the perfect wool coat like we are, find out how to thrift like a pro from Hannah Parish and Elizabeth Ramirez! You’ll be saving money and layering like a #GirlBoss in no time!

Layering Winter Outfits

Check out more from Elli’s closet on her YouTube channel, here!