Improv Everywhere Presents: A Subway Sweet Sixteen Surprise Party

A subway car is a pretty good venue for a party.

Imagine hopping  on your normal NYC subway route and walking into your very own sweet sixteen party. That’s what happened to Jenny Gorelick when her friend Addie Weyrich enlisted Improv Everywhere to help her execute a train surprise birthday party, and it looks like she got the perfect subway sweet sixteen! With balloons, streamers, music, and cupcakes, Jenny’s friends and subway car riders alike joined in on the fun to help her celebrate this milestone in her life.

This is just one of Improv Everywhere’s creative endeavors, otherwise known as “missions” since their inception in 2006. They put on massive public stunts such as their Mp3 experiments, which spread joy and unite communities. We can’t wait to see what they do next!

Subway Sweet Sixteen Surprise Party | Improv Everywhere

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Cover image via ImprovEverywhere


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