Summer Travel Tips for Planning Your Ultimate Vacay

Who's ready for some fun in the sun? The water is calling...

I don’t know about you but I’ve got that summer vacation itch. School is almost done for the year, and we’re spending most of our time dreaming of alarm-clock-free mornings, beach days, and summer travel.

Whether you just decided to book a trip and are diving head-first into the planning process, or you already have the basics of your vacation taken care of and need some help sorting out the rest, I’ve got you covered.

I’ve gathered all my research and spoke with travel experts to ensure you have the best summer travel ever! Because hello, you deserve it 😉

Tip #1: Fly Early

Nothing puts a damper on the start to your vacation like a seriously delayed flight. While, to an extent, that’s out of your control, there is one thing you can do to help your odds: Fly early.

Tip #2: Search and Book Early

Teen Vogue says “your best bet is to reserve your seat about six weeks before your trip, since prices are generally the lowest around this time, and waiting much longer may result in paying a much higher price for your ticket.”

Tip #3: Get TSA Pre-Check

“One of the best ways to beat the long TSA lines this summer is to apply for TSA Pre-Check, a program that speeds up the screening process, allowing travelers to skip the long lines and avoid the hassle of removing shoes, laptops, and jackets while going through security,” Jeanenne Tornatore, senior editor for

Tip #4: Don’t Put All Your Faith On Reviews

I’ll admit I base most of my airbnb stays on the reviews or even buy a product based on how many stars it has but here’s the thing…“The problem with online reviews is that they are often unqualified. In essence, the reviewer has their own set of criteria on which they judge a property or a service. If your criteria is not the same, then your outcome would likely not be the same either.”

Tip# 5: Budget your trip

Well this one seems pretty obvious. Here are some things you should consider as part of your budget and expenses.
-Plan for food and drink costs including snacks.
-If traveling by car, allocate money for gasoline.
-If you plan to fly to your destination, budget for the cost of round trip plane tickets.
-Allocate money for a rental car, ride shares, taxis, or a personal driver to travel around the place you’re visiting.
-Budget for the place you’ll be staying during your trip.
-Include money for shopping and activities.

Tip# 6: Pack your bags

Pack for your vacation as you see best . You should pack for your trip at least one day before you plan to leave. You will need to pack enough clothing, shoes, toiletries, and accessories to make it through the duration of your trip. I suggest printing out a check list that you can find online so you don’t forget anything.

And lastly, have fun!


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