Traveler’s Guide to Wellness

Follow these wellness guidelines and watch your next adventure become even more enjoyable!

There’s truly nothing quite like exploring new places, but sometimes this can take a toll on your health. Whether driving cross-country or flying overseas here are some tips for healthy traveling while wandering the map.


Drinking adequate amounts of water is always important, but especially when traveling. Airplanes lack humidity and can seriously dehydrate you if you’re not careful. According to Marie Claire, on a 10-hour flight, men can lose two liters of water and women can lose about 1.6! Bring your own water bottle and fill it up at the airport to avoid pricey airport drinks. If you’re on a road trip do the same and refill at rest stops.

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Treat Yourself in Moderation

Traveling to new destinations means exposing yourself to new and delicious foods. While you should definitely enjoy the local delicacies, limit your treats to one or two meals or desserts per day. Additionally, don’t feel pressured to eat something just because it’s there, only indulge if you really want it!

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Order Smart

On a similar note, you will probably be eating most of your meals out when traveling. Try and order smart by opting for grilled option versus sautéed or fried and doubling veggies while cutting the carbs in half. Also, don’t feel pressured to finish everything on your plate. Restaurant portions are often massive and much more than we actually need. Leftovers are your friend!

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Keep A Healthy Gut

It’s no secret that many people experience tummy-troubles when traveling. From interference with your usual “schedule” to changes in diet, many often find they become a bit backed up on the road. To counteract this always take a few days before and throughout your trip. Also ensure that you’re eating enough fiber and pairing that with adequate water intake.

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Bring Snacks

When road-tripping or flying you’re bound to get hungry along the way. To avoid buying snacks on the road or in the airport, bring your own. This will also help keep your health in check. Pack some carrot sticks, nut butter, fruit, smoothie or healthy bars for when you get snacky. Look for more ideas here.

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Exercise When Convenient

Don’t spend your entire trip stressing about when you can fit a workout in. But try and book a hotel with a gym and get in a workout in the morning before you start your day. Even jog around your destination to discover the new territory a bit. And try and walk as much as you can.

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Prioritize Sleep

Traveling is tiring and taxing to your body. Ensure that you get enough sleep. While you might think you are missing time to enjoy the city by sleeping in or calling it an early night, I promise that you will enjoy your travel time much more if you are rested. If you are traveling to a new time zone, take  to help with jet lag and reset your sleep cycle.

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Plan Pit Stops

If driving to your destination, make sure to stop along the way to walk and stretch. If you can, plan places ahead to stop and stay the night along your journey. Not only will you see even more places along the way, but it will make the long drives much less taxing to your mind and body.

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Airports and tourist-hotspots are teeming with germs. Bring hand sanitizer with you everywhere to avoid catching a bug from a fellow traveler.

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Skin Protection

If planning to lay out on the beach all day or even just walk around the city, ensure that you apply sunscreen to avoid premature skin aging and skin cancer. Having a peeling-blistered burn won’t make for a fun trip.

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Essential Oils

These oils are incredibly versatile and will help you immensely in staying healthy while traveling. Bring along lavender oil to help with sunburns and relaxation, frankincense to reduce hangover symptoms or tea tree for insect bites. Look here for even more oils that benefit travelers.

Healthy Traveling

Follow these wellness guidelines and watch your next adventure become even more enjoyable!

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