Vintage Instagram Beauties Bringing the Past to the Present

It is never too late to rock a retro dress.

With shows such as Mad Men and movies like Hidden Figures hitting the big screen, more and more people are becoming inspired to dress vintage. On Instagram, there is a community of ladies who have dedicated their life to vintage fashion. Scrolling through their feeds, feels as if you are traveling through time and is a great place for inspiration.

Here are a couple of my favorite retro beauties:

Madison Steward

Ms. Steward is the queen of reproduction retro styling. She takes dresses from sites such as Unique Vintage and turn them into a dream.  I love her appreciation of pop culture and her quirky style.My personal favorites are her vintage summer dresses and housewife hairstyles. All of her dresses are classy and she has one for every occasion is almost as if she had walked out of the 1940’s and straight into 2018.

Not only does she have a knack for fashion, but she is very talented when it comes to knitting and crafting. Her Etsy shop is full of Harry Potter house scarves, ascot scarves, and pop culture embroidery.

A Clothes Horse

A clothes horse is a blog/ Instagram ran by a vibrant red- head named Rebecca. Her Instagram feed is a complete fairytale. She resonates in Northern Ireland and takes advantage of the country side scenery around her for photoshoots. I like to look at her Instagram and blog during the Fall and Winter time for inspiration. Her feed makes me want to cuddle up near a fire in a small cottage, while sipping on a hot mug of coffee.

Rebecca does a great job of mixing both modern and vintage fashion to create dainty outfits. Her wardrobe consists of many sweaters, braids, and dresses. On her blog, she describes her style as “quite ladylike” and “romanticism meets realism”.

Lady Damfino

You can always find this Instagram user at Disneyland. Not only does she wear a lot of beautiful themed vintage dresses, but she also participates in many Disney cosplays. Her Instagram is the perfect go- to for any costume inspiration.

Her style is bright, fun, and uniquely her. Every time I see her posts, it makes me want to put on 1950’s cocktail dress, sit on a Disneyland bench, and eat a churro.


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