This is How to Make the Ugliest, Ugly Christmas Sweater

Get your groove on in... style?

Ugly Christmas sweater parties are a necessary evil this time of year. But when you go to Goodwill it can be almost impossible to find the perfect amount of holiday gaudy all in one sweater. Using an old sweater or sweatshirt you already have – why not make your own! You just need a little tinsel, ornaments and fabric glue. Dance moves not included.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Tutorial

DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater

What You’ll Need
Old sweatshirt or sweater
Tinsel strands
Ornaments + hooks
Fabric glue

1. Lay out your sweater on a flat surface.
2. Cut strips of tinsel that run diagonally along the width of the body of the sweater. You can make 3-5 stripes depending on how busy you want it to be.
3. Glue the tinsel in place.
4. Wrap longer pieces of tinsel around the sleeves and glue in place.
5. Repeat steps 2-3 if you would like more stripes on the back.
6. Hang ornaments along the tinsel like on your Christmas tree.
7. Let dry completely before you dance the night away!



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