GIRL Is NOT A 4 Letter Word

“Live life balls to the wall. Do epic shit. Take every dare that comes your way. You can sleep when you’re dead.” This is the personal motto of Cindy Whitehead, founder of Girl Is NOT A 4 Letter Word.

GN4LW & Metiza share the same mission: to uplift and empower young women by providing them a space to share their voice and talent. All voices, all struggles, triumphs and fears, supported by one another.  Women are a force to be reckoned with, young women in particular, and we are here for it. Share, shred, be fierce, be fearless. Never let anyone tell you it can’t be done.

“These girls are RAD. They are renegades, and they are fearless. They have consciously decided that it doesn’t matter what age or gender you are, you go after what you love. They fall hard, and they get back up. They keep pushing and they never give up. As skateboarders, it’s ingrained in them. They don’t skate for the medals, trophies or public acclaim. They do it because it’s who they are. These girls are smashing gender stereotypes into tiny bits, hitting glass ceilings so hard they shatter into a million pieces and they are kicking ass and taking names. They are authentic and real and don’t take no for an answer. For these girls it’s not about being pretty, it’s about being pretty radical.” ~ Cindy Whitehead

Metiza is beyond stoked to share space with this phenomenal founder, team of fierce females and game changers to uplift and empower girls. We are here for it. Represent.

About GN4LW Founder, Cindy Whitehead

Cindy conquered the male dominated profession of pro vert skateboarding in the 70’s, and quickly became one of the top ranked professional female vert skateboarders in the U.S. for pool riding and half-pipe. To this day, she still holds the distinction of being the only female to be featured in the centerfold plus a two-page article in a skateboarding magazine, and was the first female skateboarder to have been sponsored by Puma.

Cindy Whitehead

In 2012 she made national headlines by skateboarding down the closed 405 freeway in Los Angeles. In June of 2013 Cindy flew to Washington, DC to sign over 9 pieces of her skateboard history to The Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History’s sports collections. Cindy was featured this past year in Puma Suede’s new book; XLV Stories of The Puma Suede – as the only female athlete profiled.

In 2013 Cindy created a brand called Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word and came out with a collaboration skateboard with Dwindle Inc. (the largest company in professional skateboarding) by designing a skateboard aimed at the female market. The GN4LW brand gives back to women in action sports with every collab it does and Cindy just signed an additional two-year deal for her skateboard line, and an additional collab with a XS Helmets launched in January 2015.

She’s a badass. So what’s your story? Let’s do this. 

girl is not a 4 letter word