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Easy Foam Roller Exercises to Relieve Your Tight Shoulders

Invest and step up your stretching game.

If you use a computer or phone on a daily basis it’s likely you have tight shoulders. You’re probably hunching over your computer or cell phone reading this right now. There’s no use denying it, we’re all guilty. Since a lot of school work is done on our computers, it’s easy to lose sight of sitting up straight. If you’re guilty of this, Robin Long has some awesome foam roller exercises to help us release the stress we carry in our back and shoulders.

In just 6 minutes, Robin’s routine will show you how amazing the foam roller can be. Not only is it great for your upper back and shoulders, but you can use it to relieve muscle tension in your legs and arms after a tough workout. Even add it to your ab routine for a different kind of burn! Basically, the foam roller will be your new best friend in all things fitness. For under $25, you can find them at Walgreens or your local drug store.

If looking for an even quicker fix, Lauren Hefez has an efficient 3 minute morning stretch routine to wake up your muscles! (She and Robin are YouTube buds.)

Foam Roller Exercises for Tight Shoulders

Robin’s got more on her YouTube channel, The Balanced Life, and is starting a FREE 21 Day Pilates Challenge soon! Check it out!