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How Jessamyn Stanley’s Yoga Journey Helped Her Love and Accept Her Body

Love ourselves and our bodies, and ignore the haters.

Everybody is different, and every body is different, too. Society has ingrained in us that we have to look a certain way: lose weight, bulk up, dye your hair, wear this brand. But guess what? You don’t have to do any of that. It can be hard–sometimes impossible–to remember that when you’re scrolling through an Instagram feed of fashion models, fitness models, and celebrities that have “perfect” bodies. (Not a thing, btw). Thankfully, the Instagram world (and world in general) is fortunate enough to have badass yoga teacher/Insta fave Jessamyn Stanley to guide us and help remind ourselves that we are beautiful.

As a queer POC, Stanley has faced many hardships in her life, and that’s not including being told she should lose weight. Through a regular yoga practice and becoming a certified yoga teacher, she’s learned to love and accept her body. Yoga has taught her that you don’t have to be tall and thin to practice yoga, you just have to do it. The strength, confidence, and positive mindset will follow. Jessamyn’s Instagram is full of yoga pose tutorials, body positivity, and info on her book tour! Thank you for sharing your story and being a badass babe, Jessamyn Stanley, we love you.

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Need more yoga and life inspo from Jessamyn? Check her out on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter!


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