Self Care

Tired After a Long Week? Pamper Yourself with a Homemade Spa Day!

Put your feet up, you deserve it.

Whether you’re in school, working full-time, or doing a bit of both, we all need to find time to ourselves to chill out and RELAX. Self care does not equal laziness – Danielle Bowes taught us that – and don’t forget it! If you need some tips to make this the ultimate chill sesh, Kalyn Nicholson has  some spa day essentials and healthy junk food recipes (that’s a thing, right?)  to get you pampered and feeling zen.  All you need is a bath tub (or a large bowl), nail polish, your favorite movies, and maybe your dog, cat, or best friends.

If painting your nails is more frustrating than relaxing for you (we feel that), Nicole Small has 8 easy ways to take care of yourself that are *almost* free. We promise there’s at least one tip on this list you’ll thank her for. So let’s all take a deep breath and put yourself first, ladies.

Plan a Spa Day – Pamper Yourself!

Kalyn has more wellness, beauty, fashion, and overall life advice on her YouTube channel, here!