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Refresh Your Spring Fitness Routine with Our New Weekend Workout Series!

Episode 1 is all about them abs.

It’s officially spring and our workout routine is in desperate need of a refresher. So we partnered with Brooke Taylors Yoga to create a series of low-impact workout routines. Brooke provided the looks (which we are now obsessed with) and we came up with the routines. We went for simple + quick circuits, so you can do them easily fo’ free in the privacy of your room or favorite park, emphasis on the free. These are also great to do with friends, because motivation.

Why We ♥ Brooke Taylors Yoga

A little more about Brooke Taylors Yoga. Like Metiza they are a mother-daughter founded company who’s mission is to make better yoga gear with amazing service. All of their pieces are vegan and made in the USA. Plus, Brooke is a yoga instructor so she knows what you need out of your fitness gear both for function and casual style. Their patterns are all unique and they only produce them in small runs, so it’s basically like owning your very own line of yoga swag. All of the yes!

If you’re like us and have fallen in love with Brooke’s yoga gear already, make sure to visit their website to browse the amazing collection. They’re seriously giving Lululemon a run for their money in the pattern game. Or if you like what Nicole’s wearing in this video, you can find both the Rachel Slim with Mesh Leggings ($76) and matching Rachel Sports Bra ($38) online as well!

Hokay, let’s get moving…

Weekend Workout Abs Edition

This circuit involves 6 different ab routines. Repeat 3 times all the way through for the full workout:

1. Straight leg stretch, 15 reps
2. Bicycle crunches, 10 reps
3. Flutter kicks, 20 reps
4. Russian twists, 10 reps
5. Mountain climbers (don’t hate us), 10 reps
6. Plank, 30-60 seconds… you got this!

And don’t forget to check back later this week for the next circuit – arms!


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