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This Relaxing Night Routine Will Have You Cool, Calm, and Oh So Collected Before Bed

Chamomile tea: all day, erryday.

Hey ladies, we know it’s hard to tear yourself away from Instagram while you’re waiting for your body to power down after a long day (we’re guilty, too). But it won’t help you fall asleep any faster. Actually,  we’ve heard the blue light from your phone keeps you awake and messes with your sleeping patterns. So, if you’re looking for a challenge, we dare you to try Shannon Sullivan’s relaxing night routine!

Chamomile tea, to-do lists, an essential oil diffuser, and reading are just some of the tricks Shannon uses to wind down. Honestly, we don’t remember the last time we read more than ten pages in bed before conking out – it works wonders!

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Get Unready for Bed: Relaxing Night Routine

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