Girl Scout Troop 6000 Is Extending It’s Invitation To Homeless Girls

"Bringing the Girl Scout experience to girls in the NYC Shelter System."

There’s a new Girl Scout Troop, and it is specially designed to serve girls in the NYC shelter system. It’s called Troop 6000, and it’s quickly expanding – The New York Times reported that Girl Scouts will serve around 500 girls in 15 shelters across the city.

Troop 6000 was formed in February, and it currently consists of 21 young women. These women sleep at a Sleep Inn in Queens, a homeless shelter which serves 100 NYC families.

Who created this genius? That would be Giselle Burgess – a homeless mothers who serves as the Girl Scouts’ community engagement specialist. Burgess told the Times, “this is the most right thing I’ve ever been a part of.”

Troop 6000 is growing quickly – it aims to hold meetings in new shelters across NYC weekly. These meetings will be held by troop leaders who also live in the NYC shelters. Fortunately they are also gaining some necessary publicity; the girls made an appearance on the Today Show in April.

When the Girl Scouts announced the news at City Hall, 11-year-old Scout Karina said, “Now more girls just like me will be able to participate.”

You might remember these bright smiling faces from a story I shot a few months back for @nytimes about Troop 6000, a group of Girl Scouts based out of a homeless shelter hotel in Long Island City. After their big moment on A1 of the Times, the girls quickly became famous, appearing on the Today show, countless other media outlets and spurring fundraising for an initiative to help bring other girls in similar situations to scouting. Today, they had another big moment, as the girls led a press conference at City Hall to announce an initiative that will expand Troop 6000 to 15 different shelter sites in New York City. The girls ran the show like seasoned pros of the media circuit and brought tears to the eyes of their troop leader, Giselle Burgess. #nytassignment #troop6000 #girlscouts #nyc

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When asked about the benefit of Girl Scouts, Karina said she has learned “the true meaning of being a sister to every Girl Scout and how to emotionally support others.”

Troop 6000 is all about love and goodness. We need more communities like this around the nation, in whatever shape or form. Donate today!

Cover image via New York Times


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