Hannah Eden to Bike Iceland, Honoring Cancer Victims

"I feel like it is absolutely my responsibility to stand up and say FUCK CANCER."

Hannah Eden is one of the most inspiring fitness moguls that I follow. She is fierce, compassionate, and unbelievably driven. She inspires me daily to, as she says, “find my reason.” Follow her on Instagram here.

Her Story

Eden built herself up from an at best difficult life-adjustment. As a teen she moved from England to the United States. In her young adulthood she then struggled in a life of partying and binge eating in the depths of Miami’s ever-expanding nightlife.

Image via Hannah Eden Fitness

Eventually, she discovered her own path and quickly grew engulfed in the world of CrossFit, about five years ago. Every facet of her life turned around. She found great joy and success in the fitness industry, married, partnered with Reebok, released countless workout programs, launched a clothing line and now co-owns a gym with her husband in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Pumpfit Club.

Eden perpetually exudes a happy, unrelenting disposition. Therefore seeing her posts regarding a close friend falling ill I closely paid attention.

Bad Things Do Happen

Hannah Eden’s extremely close friend passed. On March 27 after a tumultuous and unfair battle with Ovarian Cancer, Jessica Boswell passed away. Read the full story here.

Image via Serene Soldier

Wanting to preserve her positivity, Hannah decided designated a time and place for mourning. So that she could put her head down and continue supporting her friends, family and gym-goers.

Making a Difference

In July, Eden plans to bike and run 828.6 miles around Iceland. She aims to raise $100,000 to “create a better future for [Jessica’s] children as well as other families that have been affected by [cancer] in some way” through donating the money to Serene Soldier, Inc.

Image via @HannahEden

Eden and the family of Jessica joined forces in creating Serene Soldier, Inc.This organization looks to assist families with members battling terminal cancer in creating positive Christmas memories.

In her own words, “I have always had this undying drive inside of me to help others, to change lives, to inspire people around the world and make a difference no matter how big or small it may be…but now, I feel like it is absolutely my responsibility to stand up and say FUCK CANCER.”

Doing Your Part

If you are interested to join this amazing cause, please donate here. In order to sponsor or become a featured partner go to this link.

Cover image via Serene Soldier


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