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In Honor of Earth Day, Here are 10 Ways to be More Ecofriendly

No recycling at work? Bring your own bin!

Earth Day is April 22nd,  so why not get started a little early? Sari Reanna shares 10 simple ways to be more ecofriendly that might just stick with you. First step? Make all the cups you drink from reusable! Sari recommends the Bobble, but if you’re not into plastic, check out Klean Kanteen or Lifefactory! There are so many little ways to positively impact our environment, and Sari’s easy tips are the perfect place to start. Even something as simple as shutting down your computer and unplugging the charger before you go to bed will make a difference – and will save your electricity bill! Feeling inspired? No better time to start than right now! Soon enough, you’ll be skipping the paper towels in the bathroom and using your jeans instead! (They’ll dry, don’t worry.)

And guess what? Your period can be ecofriendly, too! And it’s awesome.

10 Ways to Be More Ecofriendly | Sari Reanna

Not only does Sari have some great ecofriendly tips, but she knowledgable on all things beauty, too! Check out her YouTube channel for her favorite skincare and makeup routines!