In Positive News: Akbar Cook, Ellen and Operation Desert Smoothie

Love is everywhere

Even though it might be hard to find, positive news is all around us. Today’s goodness is all about kids and two programs that are being put in place to help kids live their best lives.

The first program is called Operation Desert Smoothie. This operation is bringing in healthy food to communities called “food deserts” which are areas with little to no access to healthy eating. Crazy right? Well Operation Desert Smoothie brings a blender, ice, and a bunch of fresh fruit to a local community that is considered a food desert and hands out free smoothies to the kids in that community! Their ultimate goal is to help kids learn what it means to eat healthy, and then extend those lessons to the parents so that they can provide healthy eating to their family even on a tight budget.

To get the funds for their project, Operation Desert Smoothie sells a ton of super cool merch, from bucket hats to t-shirts to dad hats, they have a ton of cool swag worth checking out and supporting their cause! You can read more about Operation Desert Smoothie here.

akbar cook

akbar cook

Secondly, amazing high school principal, Akbar Cook is fighting the effects of poverty by bringing in washing and drying machines into West Side High School for the kids to use. Cook and the kids in his school live in neighborhoods with heavy gang activity and areas that are extremely poverty stricken.

Because some of these kids couldn’t wash their clothes, there was prevalent bullying, fights, and some the kids just wouldn’t show up to school at all. Cook considers these kids his babies and really wants to look after them. He also started an after school program called Lights On where the school keeps it’s doors open for the students during high gang activity time. Cook sat down with Ellen Degeneres to talk about everything he’s done for the school and she ended up partnering with Cheerios to give him $50,000 and a pantry of food for his students all year long!

This is the type of news we like to hear. Positive news and stories that make us smile are out there, you just might have to look a little deeper.


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