Times Up to Stand Up at Golden Globes

Women of Times Up coalition will use fashion to stand in solidarity
Red won’t be the only thing on the carpet this Golden Globes Sunday. Prepare to see a sea of black.

Women of the Times Up coalition are encouraging Hollywood peers, women and men alike, to wear black to the award ceremony in protest of gender inequality and sexual harassment, says InStyle Magazine.

Refinery29 reports that Kerry Washington, Shonda Rhimes, Natalie Portman, Emma Stone and America Ferrara are just a few of the faces at the forefront of this powerful group.

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Critics of the movement are not shy in their reactions, with many saying the color black is a poor option as it is an “easy wardrobe choice” and does nothing to change men’s behavior.

Actress and activist, Rashida Jones, fires back by saying these commentators are missing the more important point.

“We wear black to stand in solidarity with our sisters and to say time’s up on this imbalance of power and the abuses that come with it, regardless of what industry you work in,” says Jones, according to Instyle.

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The women taking part in the protest are using the red carpet as a platform to speak out against racism, sexism, and harassment for women in all fields of work.

The black dress code is meant to act as a visual representation to spread the Times Up message to a wider audience.
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It may draw more attention to the Legal Defense Fund, which will be provided to women dealing with sexual harassment cases, says W Magazine.

Not all women in Hollywood are on-board with the choice of protest color. People Magazine says some women believe they should wear bright hues to display their newfound confidence and power.

Eva Longoria responds to the backlash when speaking to The New York Times.

“This is a moment of solidarity, not a fashion moment,” says Longoria, a Times Up founder, according to People. “The industry can’t expect us to go up and twirl around. That’s not what this moment is about.”

W says news outlets such as The New York Times and The Cut are changing the way they cover fashion at the Golden Globes.

It may not be about the glitz and glam or who wore it best this year. There may be more intention and focus on the coverage.

With the on-start of award season, there is plenty more fashion to come. Will the other award ceremonies follow suit? Viewers will just have to wait and see.





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