Episode 1: Sarah, Real Talk and The Transition From High School To College

transition from high school to college

Welcome to our first episode of the Metiza Podcast. My name is Paige Bird, and I’m the co-founder and editor in chief of Metiza, an online magazine and community created to empower young women. Our hope is to encourage a sense of purpose, confidence and love of your authentic self through sharing your experiences with each other.

Today I’m spending time with Sarah Braddock, a brilliant human being that has spent this school year interning for Metiza, sharing her incredible insight on everything from social justice, to her vegan lifestyle, to diving deep into self discovery and spirituality.

She’s truly one of my favorite human beings ever. Having just finished her sophomore year at the University of Miami, we decided to dive into that tricky transition from high school to college. She shares some priceless words of wisdom from her own experience, not to forewarn, but to support you as you start your own journey into your next life chapter. That’s what the Metiza community does, we’re here to learn and support each other through all of life’s challenges and triumphs. I hope you enjoy.

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