Podcast Episode 2: Davyn – Side Hustles, Mentors & Self Care

side hustles
Today I’m spending time with Davyn Matte, my favorite fashionista, blogger, intern for Metiza, fellow coffee lover and super fan of The Bold Type. Davyn has a Degree from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University, and also spends time on many a side hustle. 
That’s what we are talking about today. How to turn dreams into reality, how to really go for that side hustle and remember you are worth it. You’re not alone in questioning what the heck you’re doing, but don’t forget to search for those mentors, icons and lean into your sisterhood for support.  We’re your front row, cheering you on, you’re never alone. 
Straight from our favorite coffee shop Echo, cappuccinos in hand, it’s my honor to share my time with Davyn and a few dogs… 

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