Podcast Episode 3: Jasmyne – The Millennial Gaze. Coming of Age Films & Generational Irony

millennial gaze

Meet Jasmyne Bell. She’s spending the summer interning with us, and not so secretly I’m hoping she’ll stick around for a long time. She’s a writer, fan of cosmic bowling, Asian food and 80’s movies. Like Davyn, who you met in our last episode, she’s a coffee lover too. Seems to be a theme around here.

We were chatting about a post she’s writing for us about coming of age films over generations and how their messages continue to resonate decades later. This lead to exploring and defining what the differences are between Gen X, Gen Z and Millennials. It begged a greater conversation that we chose to share here, and hope that you will not only enjoy, but will participate in. Have thoughts? Message us directly through the Anchor app, we’ll follow up on the next podcast.

I could go on, but I’d rather you hear her thoughts on the influence of social media on GenZ, the Millennial gaze and the hypocrisy and irony of Gen X parents and how really we are all ultimately wanting to be seen and loved for who we are inside. Let’s dive in.

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