Podcast Episode 5: Shelly Bond – Comic Creative and Curator of “Femme Magnifique” & “Hey Amateur”

shelly bond

Shelly Bond is the preeminently cool, former v-p and executive editor of DC Entertainment’s Vertigo imprint, moving on to oversee Black Crown, a new creator-owned comics and graphic novel imprint. She’s spearheaded an incredible comic anthology of Warrior Women titled “Femme Magnifique” and has launched a new Kickstarter campaign to publish her latest creation “Hey Amateur”.

Last episode we spent time with Cindy Whitehead, stylist, skater and all around phenomenal human being. I can’t say enough about what an inspiration she is to live life all in. Well as a result, she has brought more energy to this experience connecting me with Shelly.

We chat about being a woman in a historically male genre, and how comics are a unique sensory experience for the reader. She believes that comics have a moral imperative and incredible opportunity to create a space for inclusion and embracing our differences. Also? If you didn’t know, now you do. A thought bubble is NOT the same as a word balloon. After over 25 years in the comic industry, Shelly is truly a force to be reckoned with. We agree that kindness is indeed contagious, and it up to us to continue being a force of positivity and change.

I love her advice to Show up, Lead by Example, Be Respectful, and be Fearless.

Please check out her Kickstarter and be part of making “Hey Amateur” happen.

I’m fascinated, now further educated and truly grateful for the connection. There’s so much more to learn from her, so let’s jump in. Without further ado please enjoy Shelly Bond.

shelly bond hey amateur

femme magnifique shelly bond


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