Podcast Episode 6: Elise Crigar – Grace & Grit. Girls in Action Sports, Empowering and Making Waves

elise crigar

Today I’m thrilled to spend time with Elise Crigar. She’s a designer, skater, surfer, social media strategist and fierce advocate for women in action sports. We talk about her journey from college to an incredible recent career move, the power of social media and staying true to your goals. I’m beyond impressed and honored to know this woman.

She’s set to take on the world, truly the definition of goals. There is a fierce focus that I adore with her. Grace and grit, and I’m confident that the world is ready for her and she’s ready to literally makes some serious waves out there.

elise crigar

You can find Elise at: www.elisecrigar.net and on insta Elise Crigar

Also published on Medium.