Welcome to the Metiza Podcast

We are super excited launch the Metiza podcast and have you here sharing and expanding our amazing community. We hope to encourage a sense of purpose, confidence and love of authentic self into every person. Every voice is important, valuable and worthwhile and Metiza lets those voices shine.

We know young women are the key to change, and a vital contribution to the paradigm shift happening in our world. They have a voice that is powerful; not by listening to advice from those who have been there, but sharing their own stories.

We are continuing that conversation here on the Metiza podcast. Join me, Paige Bird, co-founder and editor in chief of Metiza. I’ll be your host. Here you’ll find real conversations with young women sharing their challenges and triumphs as well as interviews with inspiring fierce female mentors. We’re all learning and growing every day. Thanks for coming along on this journey, we’re thrilled to have you with us.

Have an experience you would like to share? Join us here. We’ll talk soon.

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