A 60° Morning in Miami Tells Me Everything I Need to Know

Morning in Miami

The energy of this planet never ceases to amaze me. It sings songs in the wind, tells stories in the rain, and gifts us with new sensations at each and every turn. A 60° morning in the heart of Miami tells me everything I need to know.

The breeze caressing me into utter serenity. Reminding me of the beauty in contrast. My skin usually speckled with beads of sweat at this hour now sit, wrapped in cotton, goosebumps telling of this chilly moment.

Nature doesn’t exhibit preference or superiority. It just is. The forces unravel when they’re ready, when the moment is right. There’s no concept of yesterday or tomorrow.

It inspires me each and everyday to do the same, for I am as much apart of this Earth as the bird singing above me, as the magenta flowers climbing upward and moving to the rhythms of the wind.

A 60° morning in Miami tells me everything I need to know.

It tells of the beauty in impermanence. Tomorrow, the temperatures will rise once again, the 24-hour fall is fleeting, but no less beautiful. A reminder of the importance to take nothing for granted while also not worrying over its inevitable departure.

Seasons come and go, but the beauty of happiness is always there for us if we choose to embrace it. Whether it’s in the warm embrace of a steaming cup of coffee on a brisk morning or the refreshing release of the bluest ocean wave on a hot summer day.

We’re always given exactly what we need, and the ability to extend gratitude for it.

A 60° morning in Miami tells me everything I need to know.

We are all creatures of circumstance. A cold front the product of wind patterns and rain, leading us to trade shorts and tank tops for warmer substitutions. Our noses run from the frigid gusts and spines shiver along. The leaves falling alongside the temperatures.

Surround yourself, in every facet of your life, with things, people, and experiences that elevate you to a place where you shine. Circumstances that leave you casting out beams of love that land upon your individuality, shining as you’re meant to, as all you’re capable of.

Penning lines of ink onto these pages, I sit. Soft strums of guitar ringing into my ears, my own private show.

People slowly trickle around me. A father with his children, students preparing for a Sunday of cramming. All experiencing this same moment through our own lenses.

Blue skies and kind weather beckoning us outdoors. All contributing to this Earth our unique energies, thoughts, and presence, a puzzle piece in an ever-growing amalgam in the pure grace of the reality of now.

A 60° morning in Miami tells me everything I need to know.

Amongst the pressures, the questions, and uncertainties of young adulthood, I’m exactly where I need to be, we all are. The past paving our way to today, the future available for the taking. Opportunity at every turn, overflowing with our own gifts to bestow.

We’re not meant to be anywhere else. As you read this, you exist right where you are by divine intention. The answers you seek, you have, within you and around you, just allow them to come.

This cold morning may not seem to belong in Miami, but circumstance brought it upon us, a delicate transgression of events, and look at the joy it brings.

A 60° morning in Miami tells me everything I need to know.

Cover image via Mandarin Oriental

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