A Busy Girl’s Guide to Self Care

care for yourself

Life gets the best of us more times than not. From the demands of being a college student to working a full time job, we don’t always make time for ourselves because it doesn’t fit into our schedule. The unhealthy go-go-go mindset we have has to be set aside and replaced with a willingness to spend at least one hour a day to care for ourselves. Here are just a few ways you can do just that no matter how demanding your schedule is.

Get a diffuser:

I recently received a diffuser as a gift and I am obsessed. Using one regularly or even just when you feel stressed will do wonders for your mood. The benefits of essential oils are well known by this point. From aiding in sleep, lowering stress levels, and increasing positive moods, using a diffuser is a sure fire way to care for yourself. Especially when you insist on still working instead of taking a break. Put it next to your bed or on your desk and watch your mood gradually improve.

Listen to music:

I know, pretty basic but trust me it works. Fill a playlist with your favorite artists and let the cathartic effects take hold of you. It’s a great way to just get out of your  head even for just a few minutes each day.

Take a walk:

Nothing clears your head quite like nature does. If you’re on campus, take just a few minutes to breakaway from homework and walk around. The same goes for anyone at work needing a quick refresh. Just a few minutes outside walking around will leave you feeling less tense, clear-minded and ready to finish the tasks on your to-do list.


This is something I’m still trying to get into but from all the raves I’ve heard, meditation is the next big thing. Apps like Headspace will help you take a few minutes for yourself to redirect your thinking and feel content.

Start a journal:

Getting out all your emotions onto paper helps release their power over you mentally. This is perfect if you’re someone who has a hard time talking about their feelings. Holding in your feelings is so unhealthy. You have to get it out somehow and the journal is a perfect start.

I know that these may seem like mundane options to practice self-care, but they’ve worked wonders for me.  At most they’ll take 30 minutes to an hour out of your day but the benefits are totally worth it.

Happy you-time!

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