A Self-Love Perspective: You Are Mother Nature Herself

You are Mother Nature

It’s a universal truth that the natural world hosts incomparable beauty. But why, for some, does this beauty only apply to what and who physically surround us and not apply to self-love? We exist in this world as much as the rest of the grandeur that it hosts, and we must love ourselves as such.

You Are A Part of This World Too

I’m not yet at the point where self-love is easy. I need to work every single day on this still. For me, I’m comfortable with who I am intellectually, but physically not as much.

Many who fall subject to similar mindsets believe that physical self-love isn’t something that’s important, or perhaps simply less important than other ventures.

It’s easy for us to marvel at the natural world around us and all of its inhabitants, but extending those same sentiments inward is much more difficult.

We discredit the importance of loving and worshipping everything our body is and does on the outside as much as the inside. Exterior insecurities are written off as unimportant, but they are crucial to our growth.

As we view the world around us, we must view ourselves because we are a part of it.

We Are Mother Nature Herself

If we can become speechless at the sight of a canyon or ocean tide, we should feel the same way about ourselves on the inside and outside.

Our exteriors are just as divine and born from the Earth as any other natural beauty. The rolling hills of our hips and shoulders, the evergreens that are our limbs, craters and speckles on our skin mimicking the stellar beauty of the night sky.

You are Earth, Earth is you.

Nothing Needs Fixing 

We’ve been sculpted by the loving gestures of the universe. We aren’t destined to exist looking any other way than we do here and now.

You’d never gaze at a waterfall or mountain range and say it needed to change. In the same way, however, we must not rush embracing these truths.

A flower blooms when it’s ready. Slowly, with grace, gentleness, and love, never questioning its beauty. The flower just exists, uniquely divine.

Deprivation is Disrespect

Disrespecting, tarnishing or unnecessarily mending your body to fit the ideals of anything other than the miraculously unique form you’ve been blessed with is akin to any destruction of Earth itself.

This blessing of a body heals, protects, and nourishes you. Don’t deprive it of nutrition or riddle your mind with negative thoughts, allow both physical and spiritual rest.

Listen to your body. You would never refuse to water a flower. Allow yourself to grow through exterior and intention nourishment. You cannot bloom without love from both sides. Let yourself bloom.

Your body loves you and is just waiting for you to love it back.

It’s the epitome of the elegantly forgiving ways of the natural world. Embrace it. Let it flourish. It’s always there for you, and always will be.

Be there for it and witness how miraculous life can be.

You are Mother Nature

Cover image via Greek Life Wikia

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