Actual Tips to Deal With Burnout

With the semester starting and everything else that is going on in our country, and the world. It is easy to be overwhelmed. Burnout is very common when we start adding our coursework, internships, jobs, etc. We overwork ourselves. So, these are a few tips on how to deal with burnout, realistically.

1. Go for a walk

I understand that it is a bit chilly outside, but going for a walk can clear your mind and help you destress. Just being outside can help you breathe a little bit better, and you can use it as an excuse to get more coffee or a few snacks before going back to work.

2. Use a planner

Planners can work as an extension for your brain. We receive way too much information in a day, and just thinking about everything we have to do can create stress. So, forget about everything that is not written on your planner. But, make sure that you write all the important assignments on said planner. And, once you’re done with something cross it out as a way to de-stress.

3. Declutter

Let’s follow Marie Kondo’s philosophy and get rid of anything that does not spark joy. Especially in your work space. Making sure that your desk or desktop is organized can make it easier to focus on your work and not get overwhelmed. Also, it’s a great way to procrastinate while being productive.

4. Curl up in a ball and have a good cry

I don’t mean this literally (unless you’re into that). Get your emotions out there. Understand when you’re overwhelmed and let it out by screaming, or crying, or ripping a piece of paper. Basically, do things that make you feel better and embrace those emotions.

5. Socialize

Talk to the people around you and laugh. Share your stress and maybe they can also help you out with creative ways to be less swamped.

6. Netflix and actually chill

Take a break and watch an episode of a show that won’t stress you out (not Black Mirror). Watch a silly movie and laugh to get your energy levels back up. Recommended: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

7. Meditate 

I don’t mean sit there in silence for 30 minutes, but a guided 10 minute meditation can do wonders. There are endless apps or podcasts to help. Or, dump all your feelings in a journal. Many people swear by meditation and there is a reason. It is the easiest way to gain perspective when the floor feels like it’s moving.

8. Treat Yourself

Whether you like Starbucks or online shopping, treat yourself. Be responsible, but if you’re really stressed and bummed out get yourself a pint of ice cream or a sparkly dress. And, then work hard while you wait for your Amazon packages to arrive.

9. Drink tea

I firmly believe that tea is the solution to every problem. It is calming and warms your soul in an instant. So, take a breath, make a cup of tea, and kick butt.

10. Talk to someone

Talk to your friends and family. But, also talk to your professors. Ask for extensions if you need them. Delegate the work. Communicate to the people that work with you and ask for the help you need. We all can use a little help some times and talking is the healthiest way to deal with it.

It is normal to be stressed and feel like you need a break, so take it! There is nothing more important than mental health so make sure you take care of yourself. So, hopefully these tips can help with burnout.

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