Appreciate and Celebrate, My Thanksgiving Wish To You

Thanksgiving leaf bouquet

Thanksgiving is a day dedicated to acknowledging the bounty, the abundance in our daily lives. Living in a space of gratitude is of course the ideal, but often forgotten in our day to day routines. Also, bittersweet holiday, given its origin and the privilege we have layered on it generation after generation. Seems this year more than ever.

Consider what this last year has taught you about yourself, others, your values and priorities.

This holiday season it is possible that there may be challenges we didn’t prepare for, nor could we have likely predicted. If there is one wish, one hope I have for each of us, it’s to find a quiet moment to appreciate and celebrate the lessons this year has presented.

Hold space for those whose lives are feeling lost, fragile and confused. Open your heart to a difference of opinion. We all deserve to be heard. No one says we must agree, but we deserve to feel valued. Listen before you compose your witty and well-rehearsed response.

Consider what this last year has taught you about yourself, others, your values and priorities. Have they changed, evolved? Life is one big series of lessons. Funny thing is, we keep getting the same one thrown at us until we finally learn. Perhaps being grateful for that opportunity is on your list.

Thanksgiving basket

Find joy in the small moments. A child’s laughter, your grandfather’s stories, your health and that of those you love. The extra serving of stuffing or mashed potatoes if that’s your jam. Football or Black Friday (Thursday? Don’t get me started.) A long weekend to re-connect, heal, laugh, break out the seasonal décor.

Thursday has traditionally been a day, in my world, to tell those I love how important they are, and how grateful I am that they enrich my life. Even the ones that challenge me. I am a better human being for having these amazing souls in my life. This includes anyone taking the time to read this. Thank you. You’ve taken a chance on a dream some special people have had to make a positive space to encourage each other. It has been quite a year, and I don’t see it slowing down any time soon. Tucking all of us in, sending deep and profound gratitude to all of you.

Love wins,




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