The Art of Energy Transformation

Life is a constant fluctuation of ups and downs. Negative energy comes and positive energy goes, and we must accept it as such. While negativity isn’t here to stay, the answer to reshaping our perspective doesn’t lie in changing our feelings, but transforming them.

Spirituality Backed By Science?

The Law of Thermodynamics states that energy cannot be created or destroyed but only transferred from one object to another. While this scientific law may not have been created with spiritual energy in mind, it’s intriguing to think of it as such.

Energies and feelings that we harbor deep within ourselves cannot be created or destroyed either. Everything that we feel is a product of another emotion or past experience. Nothing is unfounded.

We, and our energy, are constantly shifting on an emotional and spiritual spectrum. Negativity doesn’t just come from nowhere, it feeds off of things like insecurity, love, or past trauma.

Our emotions function as a roadmap of our energies and therefore require respect and attention to utilize constructively.

Feel All The Feelings

Life would be a whole lot easier if everyone was positive and uplifting, right? Well, maybe, but negativity spurs massive lessons and self-reflection.

Each feeling that we encounter is there to teach us a lesson. It serves as a sign indicating the necessity of deeper reflection.

Rather than immediately giving into or criticizing our negative emotions we should learn to trust that they’re there for a reason, and allow them to guide us.

Step Into Observation

Release any external or internal judgements about your emotions. Don’t rush to act or judge yourself, don’t attempt to extinguish your energy. This will serve you nothing in the long run, and will most likely result in intensified resurfacing of these feelings later on.

Instead, just observe without judgement. Get curious. See that you are angry or sad and try to figure out the true reasoning behind this occurrence. Is it because you feel vulnerable or maybe you fear losing someone close to you?

Most negativity’s foundation is the fear of losing love in some way, shape, or form.

Once you trace emotions back to their root, the mechanics behind them become apparent as well. This is the key in transforming your energy.

Time for Transformation

Personally, I have a past with harboring very negative energy toward my body and food. This is something I’ve struggled with for several years and energy transformation has really helped me along this journey.

Take the root of your negative energy, for me it was insecurity and need for control, and turn those tendencies around into positive mechanisms and affirmations.

For example, I created a list of positive ways that I can exercise control with diction I utilized previously in my negative outlooks on food and my body. This includes affirmations such as:

  • Figure out EXACTLY what type of exercise makes you feel good and is enjoyable
  • ONLY eat what you want and how much you want
  • MAKE SURE you get all the vitamins and minerals you NEED to function well and live happily
  • NEVER let food or body-modification get in the way of spending time with loved ones or being healthy and happy

The bolded and capitalized words indicate language I once used use against myself to restrict or put myself down, but now they can represent something positive. We should always be on our own team.

Altering our perspective and the way our brains work is daunting. But, through energy transformation you don’t have to do that. Your brain still functions the same, however instead of denouncing yourself or someone else, you’re working against the entire concept of negativity.

I knew that I couldn’t just shut off the part of my brain that would compulsively think of my body, calories, and food, so instead I positively transformed these thoughts.

This is a Process

Transforming energy is a major process. It’s akin to keeping the structural foundation of a house but completely remodeling and stripping the interior. Your brain still functions with the same emotional logic, however the alignment of your energy has shifted.

Once you figure out the true root of any negativity within your life, and start this process, the positivity snowballs.

This process becomes borderline addicting, as you begin to see how everything within and around you is (or can be) grounded in love, regardless of how the exterior may appear.

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