Crush Your Back to School Blues with these 5 Kick-A Diversions

Colored pencils for back to school

As August rolls forward, store shelves fill with the newest back to school clothes, supplies, and necessities. While the lure of new supplies is a great one, with the promise of new beginnings and open possibilities, the struggle to fit in with everyone else, while still being unique is one that we all face. So as you are enjoying your last moments before you hear the school bells ring- keep these tips in mind:

DIY is Not Lame

Often times, DIY projects never leave my Pinterest board or liked YouTube Video. These past couple years of high school have been a struggle to keep up with the newest trends. Crop tops, high waisted jeans, chokers– you name it. But with every new trend, stores up the prices on clothing. Instead of spending money on new clothes, try some DIY projects! There are always amazing videos on how to customize your clothes. Check out Susan’s tutorial on DIY Denim! Uniqueness isn’t something that can be bought off the rack, it comes from your own personal style, so flaunt it. Besides clothing projects, there are tons of amazing ideas for personalized school supplies that can also save some money, while making your supplies completely your own. If you get stares at school, know that it is because you took the courage to try something new and be completely unique.

Distressed Denim DIY

It’s OK to Know what’s Going On in the World

On the first day of school there is only one thing on everything’s minds- what happened over the summer? If you’re like me and enjoy a break from school life and the social world during the summer, then the first day of school is not for collecting syllabi, but gossip. But we often forget to talk about what else happened over the summer. Not just within our own lives, but in the lives of others. What happened in France? Why is the DNC is so much hot water? What is the Venezuelan crisis? The news doesn’t seem like it’d be a fun topic to discuss with classmates on the first day back to school- or on any other day. But discussing current events puts the small struggles of every day school life in perspective while bringing awareness to issues. While you may not find the perfect news nerd to talk to, being informed is something to be proud of on its own. Check out Heidi’s advice on how to read the news.

Teen Girl reading newspaper, back to school

Don’t Just Join a Club, BE the Club

Every year, counselors drone on about joining a new club. Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely advice to keep in mind. Clubs can spark your interest for a new activity, build relationships, and grow your skills. I’ve had a lot of friends join clubs, with the intent get great experiences out of them. However, after a couple months they stop attending meetings, or if they still go, it’s just so that they can write it down for their college applications. Instead of just joining a club- be the club. That means instead of just sitting at meetings, come up with ideas to bring to each meeting. Run for an elected position. Talk to the advisor about setting up an event. Clubs are the most rewarding and fun when you truly care about what you’re doing for it.

3 girls back to school volunteering

Jam the Day Away

Music has always been a savior to me. Whether it’s a rainy day and I need something to lighten my mood, or it’s a night out with friends and we need something to sing along too, a good playlist is always handy. A great thing to do is to make a new playlist for school. Find a genre you haven’t listened to before, a classic impromptu karaoke mix, or the newest hits on the radio. You can listen to your new playlist the night before school to calm your nerves, or share the cool songs you found with friends as you step into the new school year.

Two girls listening to music outside back to school

Teachers Miss The Summer Too

Remember how I said I love to gossip on the first day of school? That part of my school experience is probably the cause of more than one irritated glance my way on the first day of class. Teachers, believe it or not, also have a life. They’ve spent the summer hanging out with their kids, soaking in the sun, and relaxing just like the rest of us. Seeing your friends after three months is plenty of reason to be more talkative than usual, but just remember that teachers have curriculums to cover and need some time to get back into the groove of things too. Give them a break. Be friendly with them, ask how their summer went, and quiet the chatter for at least a few minutes so you and your teachers can start the school year off on a fresh good start.

All in all, remember that school is a place to learn and grow, while having fun. Every year has a different atmosphere, so get your back to school confidence on and own it.