Overwhelmed? Here Are 5 Tips to Help Banish Anxiety

banish anxiety

Just because it’s almost summer–with the days slower and warm nights longer–it doesn’t mean our anxiety has quelled. Even with the euphoric experiences that come with outdoor excursions, our brains always comes back to, “What if?” It overwhelms us in ways we can’t understand and feel like we can’t control. But guess what? You can control it, it just takes patience, an overall belief in your self, and the willingness to work through it. All things you are capable of! Madeleine Shaw has 5 tips to help you banish anxiety!

Anxiety is extremely common, and you’re not alone. We’ve all felt the feeling in our chest that comes with a change we’re not ready for. It’s always lingering, but you can handle it. Our girl Dani Bowes even wrote a letter about her anxiety to prove it to you.

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