How To Beat Holiday Stress with Ingrid Nilsen

Ingrid Nilsen, Holiday Stress video

The holidays seem to have really crept up this year. On top of finals and party planning and everything that feels like it’s happening all at once. It is SO easy to get swept up in the excitement and holiday stress of it all. Simple stresses begin to feel massive and tough to manage. So, how do you manage it? Do you push it down to focus on the task at hand or do you use healthy coping mechanisms? If the answer is to push it down, our girl Ingrid Nilsen is here to show you how to beat your winter woes.

Once everything is put into perspective, life stops seeming so big and scary. So, we encourage you to take a step back this holiday season and take life one step at a time. It might not seem like it, but it can be really easy to stop and smell the roses. Stand under the mistletoe or win some gelt. Whatever holiday you celebrate, enjoy being with loved ones and celebrate all of the joy in your life. Here’s to self care, kicking that holiday stress and having a wonderful season!

How to Beat Holiday Stress

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