One Year Old, Metiza is a Brilliant Community of Bad-Asses

happy birthday Metiza founder, Selina Petosa

Happy Birthday Metiza! Wow. What a difference a year makes. A year ago Metiza made its debut online and I never imagined what a force it would become in such a short period of time. The saying be careful what you wish for because you just might get it definitely rings true. What was once an idea to create a safe, positive place for teen girls to visit, learn, and grow, has become a vibrant and dedicated community over half a million strong.

Our idea has become a vibrant and dedicated community over half a million strong.

We started Metiza in the hopes to help change the conversation for girls, providing an outlet for them to be heard, shining a light on their brilliance. We wanted to create a place for everyday stories to be shared, celebrating the goodness in the small and the big things in life. We knew this was going to be no small task, as we’re all skeptical consumers of media these days.

Combine that with the always online, socially driven focus of teens, becoming relevant with this discerning group could only be done by inviting them to drive and lead the conversation. But would they come? Would they want to participate? We took a gamble that they would, and it has paid off in spades.

We are so very proud to say that over half of the content on Metiza is produced by our community. We’re providing a platform for girls to have a voice, and Metiza readers and contributors are running with it. We recently asked the community what Metiza meant to them and their words literally brought tears of joy to my eyes.
This one in particular stood out.

“Because of this online publication I’ve been able to help people through my own experiences. I fell in love with its mission and purpose, and I knew I wanted to be part of it. What I love most about our Metiza community is not only the support from our readers but from fellow contributors! I have become friendly with other writers all over the country simply because we support each other’s articles. I also love that everybody is welcome regardless of their background or writing style. This is a community full of people working to bring positive change to the world. It’s the most encouraging and inspiring group of people to surround yourself with.”

Metiza has become more than an online publication. It’s an idea, an ethos, a mission to bring positive change and goodness into the world. Young people are doing great things each and every day and if Metiza can in some way help enable that goodness, then our mission is accomplished.

Looking back at the past twelve months since Metiza went live, what stands out most for me is the realization that girls are a force to be reckoned with in all the best ways. Not that I doubted this, but the energy, dedication and commitment they have to pursue their passions, help each other, insure justice and make our world a better place, is inspiring. While we still have many boundaries and glass ceilings to break, this generation of girls already rule the world.

With heartfelt gratitude, we thank everybody who visited Metiza, who contributed, and who supported this mission of ours. Stay with us as we’ve got big plans for the year ahead!

Selina Petosa, Metiza Founder

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