Curating a Mindful Instagram Feed

mindful instagram feed

Similar to many other aspects of life, social media is what you make of it. While it can become an environment of unrealistic expectations and comparison, if you consume and curate mindfully you can cultivate a positive experience for yourself.

Beginning the Process

The initial thought that drove me to begin re-shaping how I viewed and consumed social media was, “am I enjoying this and is it benefiting me?” At a point, the answer to this question was a resounding “no.” However, over time I was able to turn this around.

The first step I took was removing anyone that I was following who made me feel unworthy. This applies to negative influences but also even positive ones who you simply pit yourself up against for no reason.

Initially I had to unfollow many fitness, diet, and aesthetic accounts. With time, though, I was able to re-follow those old users or follow new accounts who I may have compared myself to in the past because of the new relationship I had with these platforms.

The second step is similar to the first, in that you probably will do a lot of unfollowing. But this time it’s in the name of what is and isn’t benefitting your life. Unfollow any accounts that don’t directly bring you some form of joy or better your life.

On the same note, look for new accounts that can add to your experience. For me this involved following positive quote accounts, scientifically-backed nutrition and diet pages, and just generally uplifting individuals.

After posing the initial question to myself of social media’s worth in my life, even after I curated it to my new mindset, I found that I was spending significantly less time on it than I had before. Once I felt that I was no longer benefitting from consuming content (which is now at most five or ten minutes), I stopped scrolling and did something else.

Becoming self-aware of all of your habits and the reasoning behind them is vital.

Accounts to Follow

If you’re looking to cultivate an increasingly mindful and encouraging feed, here are a few of my favorite accounts that fill my social media moments with beautiful words and moments:

Kim Jordan @rootandbranchnutrition
  • From beautiful breakfasts to women’s health, Root Branch and Nutrition covers it all. Jordan focuses on promoting awareness around women’s health and encouraging women to care for and love their bodies.

Social Media

Madeleine Shaw @madeleine_shaw_
  • Madeleine has some of the best recipes on Instagram, in my opinion. They cover all dietary bases and most can be whipped up in under an hour. She emphasizes and embodies the importance of loving yourself and spreading love to those around you.

Social Media

Jordan Younger @thebalancedblonde
  • Originally the poster-woman for veganism, Jordan has gone through many ups and downs throughout her social media career. From being diagnosed with lyme disease to overcoming an eating disorder, she exudes strength in positivity.

Dr. Jeremy Goldberg @longdistancelovebombs
  • Home to some of my favorite words I see throughout the day, Jeremy delicately balances the harsh realities we must face with the beauty the universe displays for us simultaneously. Super amazing update: he’s got a book available for pre-order to love, and literally share love bombs of kindness. Check it out here: It’ll Be Okay, And You Will Be Too.

Social Media mindful instagram feed

Amanda Oleander @amandaoleander
  • I never thought someone could so accurately capture the tiny, meaningful, and humorous moments scattered throughout life as well as Oleander does. She truly encapsulates some of the realities of being a woman, friend, and partner in today’s world through her small (yet large in impact) art.

Social Media mindful instagram feed

Conscious Collective @conscious_collective
  • While the photos are beautiful the real content lies within the captions on Conscious Collective’s page. Each photo contains pearls of wisdom that anyone could benefit from hearing.

Social Media mindful instagram feed

Emily Hassett @spiritedseeker
  • Singing self-love from the rooftops, Emily leads by example through her raw and relatable writings and expositions on the journey to love one’s self. She posts beautiful words and spiritual insights daily.

Social Media mindful instagram feed

Veladya Chapman @earthmamamedicine
  • Always on the move, Veladya and her boyfriend are currently traveling across the country in their van. Aside from gorgeous pictures of their adventures, she posts her insights regarding the universe and our relationship with it, with each other, and with ourselves (and delicious vegan recipes too).

Social Media mindful instagram feed

Atticus @atticuspoetry
  • An anonymous author, Atticus hosts some of the most beautiful poems on Instagram. He’s mastered capturing moments and truths of life in a fashion I find completely profound.

Social Media mindful instagram feed

Meagan Moon @meagan_moon
  • I originally discovered Meagan on YouTube, but soon came to love her Instagram feed just as much. She serves as a constant reminder to cherish our connection with Mother Earth and express gratitude for all that she gives to us.

Social Media mindful instagram feed

Source Messages @sourcemessages
  • Every single day during my lunch I check in to see what the source message of the day is and it always serves as a perfect reminder to remain grounded in one facet of my life or another.

Social Media mindful instagram feed